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Dues are $15 per year. Make check payable to San Francisco Hiking Club. Mail this form and your check to:

San Francisco Hiking Club
P.O. Box 14065
San Francisco, CA 94114

I, the undersigned, agree to hold the San Francisco Hiking Club, its officers, members and guests, free from any liability for injury or damage to myself or my property as a result of my participation in S. F. Hiking Club trips or activities. I further agree that I shall do nothing intentionally to jeopardize the health or safety of myself or other S. F. Hiking Club members or their guests, and that I have familiarized myself with the precautions necessary for safe attendance on Club trips, and will take such precautions. I acknowledge that by participating in Club events my name and/or photo may appear in Club records and/or on the Club web site.

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