Lead a Hike!

Members are encouraged to lead hikes! All of our events happen because someone like you stepped forward to lead them. To get your hike on the schedule, you'll need to submit a description of it to the newsletter editor.

We can offer some help. For ideas for hikes, feel free to look at our hike archive. You may also find text there that you can use in your write-up. But if you already know of the hike you want to do, hikes to new places are always cool. So go for it!

To submit your hike to the newsletter editor, please fill out the blanks below. Using this form will help make sure you don't leave any important information out. (The form below is only for submitting hikes to the calendar. Please go here to contact the club for other purposes.) If the blanks in the form do not let you give a desired answer to any question, answer it the best you can. There will be a place at the end to clarify your answers.

If you need copies of the form your hikers will sign at the start of your hike, you may get them by printing out this web page: http://www.sfhiking.com/hikeform.pdf   It is best you get them first, and then come back here to submit your hike.

First, enter the members' password:

Destination: (Describe in a few words - this will be the title of your event)


If event runs over multiple days, indicate last date here:

Meeting Time: (Actual departure to occur 15 minutes later)

Meeting Place: (If not under the Safeway sign, replace text here)

Leader's Name: (If multiple leaders, list one here. List the others and their phone and e-mail information in the last blank at the bottom of this page.)

Leader's Phone Number:
() -

Leader's E-Mail Address: (Be sure only one e-mail address is entered here and nothing else. Otherwise, your confirmation will not be received.) [ If you have an address that ends in "@sfhiking.com", please use that instead of your personal e-mail address. ]

Walking distance in miles: (Show all walking miles! - Will be double the one-way distance for "out and back" hikes.)

Elevation gain: (Add together the ascents of each hill climbed.)


Data for calculating recommended shared carpool transportation cost: (Leave blank if no carpooling.)
Miles of driving, ONE-WAY to the trailhead (what Google Maps reports for the one-way route)
$ Tolls.
$ Per-Car Entrance Fees. (Participants pay their own Per-Person fees)

Narrative: (Please describe your event)

Things to bring: (Items such as water, lunch, sturdy shoes, layers of clothing for the weather, hat, sunscreen, bus fare, etc.)

Effect of rain:

Alternate Meeting Place: (Such as near the trailhead for hikes outside the city. If none, leave the box blank. Be sure to include the time, and whether the hike leader should be notified in advance by those opting for this, after showing your description of the place of meeting.)

Joint hike with another organization: If your hike is also being led through or promoted by another organization, enter the name(s) of such organization(s) here. Otherwise, leave the box blank:

An entry in the club's schedule will be automatically generated from the data you've entered above (you will receive a copy by e-mail). If the choices above did not provide you with the opportunity to say what you needed, please give the newsletter editor the additional information in the box below:

Clarifications and Comments:

It may take a minute or two to process your request.
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