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The San Francisco Hiking Club organizes hikes and similar outings for gays, lesbians, and friends. An event is generally planned on either Saturday or Sunday each weekend. Most often, we meet in mid-morning on the patio under the large Safeway sign on Market Street near Dolores Street; however be sure to check hike information as this is not always the case.

There is no need to RSVP for events unless we've said otherwise. Just show up! For most events, wear comfortable boots or shoes, and bring water, a light lunch, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and layers of clothing adequate to protect yourself from possible weather changes.

The Club also has several overnight trips a year. An RSVP and coordination with the leader or others is usually required for overnight trips. The trip writeup will give details.

Although this is not the Club's responsibility, it is customary for hikers to carpool to the trailhead. Rides are generally available for all hikers. If you do carpool we believe you will want to reimburse the driver for your share of the amount suggested for each trip. The suggested cost is an amount to be divided among all persons in the car, including the driver. It is calculated on the basis of twenty-five cents per mile plus tolls and park entrance fees. Please pay the driver at the outset of the trip.

Though participants may make agreements among themselves to share gear, provisions, or expenses, absent any such agreement each participant is to bring his own gear and provisions. If restaurant meals are obtained on an outing, each participant pays for his own items rather than the bill being divided equally among the group.

All outings are led by individual members. The role the officers fulfill is to provide an organizational framework in which this can function. Every few months we have a major planning meeting. Members can submit hikes they want to do there, or they can submit them anytime through the web site.

Members may choose to get any or all of these mailings: (1) our monthly newsletter in the mail, (2) a monthly e-mail of our upcoming events sent on the 28th of each month, and (3) a weekly reminder of the next week's activities sent each Tuesday. (Contact the membership records assistant to change your contact information or subscription options.) Members are also e-mailed when we have news of impromptu hikes and schedule changes. Members using spam filters should set their filters to accept mail which comes from our domain "@sfhiking.com" or which has these five characters in the "subject":  SFHC:  Or both, if the filter allows both.

The San Francisco Hiking Club was organized in 1982 and now has about 250 members. We were incorporated as a not-for-profit California corporation in 1989.



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